Mon travail traite de la construction et de la représentation de la mémoire d’un lieu.

Je choisis des lieux menacés de disparition ou d’oubli ou en train de se transformer- par exemple la ville Königsberg/Kaliningrad, une réserve militaire abandonnée, la place Alexanderplatz de Berlin, des boutiques d’artisanat de Berlin. Leur reconversion, leur reconstruction, la destruction et/ ou les phénomènes d’appropriation sont mes axes de recherche. Par la recherche de traces, par leur dé- contextualisation, par la modification et remise en état d’un lieu, je construis à partir de matériaux trouvés des installations éphémères et les photographie. Les photographies traitent par associations de la notion de disparition, et de la précarité d’un équilibre entre ce qui perdure et ce qui s’efface. Cette démarche a pour but de questionner l’image de la perception d’un lieu, située entre la réalité, le souvenir et la poésie.



My work deals with the construction and representation of the memory of a place.

I choose sites that are transformed, in danger of disappearing, or being forgotten – for example the city of Königsberg/Kaliningrad, an abandoned military reserve, Alexanderplatz square in Berlin, Berlin’s craft shops. Their redevelopment, reconstruction, destruction and/or appropriation are focal points of my research.

By identifying and decontextualizing remains of the past, and by modifying and restoring sites, I use found materials to build ephemeral installations and photograph them. By association, the photographs deal with the notion of disappearance, and the precariousness of the balance between what endures and what is lost. The aim of this approach is to question the image of the perception of a place, situated somewhere between reality, memory and poetry.


“People have left traces over time, whose persistence (the artist) interrogates during the fragile process of its construction. Laude makes adjustments layer by layer and adds her own traces as she works. In a minimalistic and abstract fashion, she recombines the layers like sediments, attending to colour and backlighting. (…) Instability characterises the installation, connoting transience and disappearance – but not completely. These remnants overlap in layers that influence each other and allow a fragile present moment to emerge, which reveals itself in the image. (…) The physical room, filled with the traces of life from past times, becomes a surface within the image and a game between the dimensions begins that interrogates the perception of space in relation to its pictorial representation.”

From the text of Tina Brueser, Catalog Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, 2016


„Yet in covering she is not only hiding, but offering something else to see. The wandering is made visible by a multiplication of strata, of layers that make one reality disappear only to impose another. The “white wandering” is not only a photographic outcome, but an action that inscribes itself in a particular time and space, a project of creation that is not a re-turn (coming back) to the tabula rasa, nor a search for virgin space, but a re-covering (over-laying) of the real and of time. To efface, without rubbing out or taking away, adding (coming-over) while preserving the memory of the past, veiled. Treating the ceiling like a wall, the wall like a floor, slipping between matter and meaning, renders the place unreadable and useless, wholly artificial, renders it an object of art. This dressing of the space by the hand of the artist also touches on the work of the painter, since it is with canvases and paint that the space is transformed, literally changed in its appearance and its destination.“

From the text of Florence Laude, Images en Tête, translation Florence Reidenbach, 2017


„Claire Laude delicately plays with a presence that has become fanciful as she creates contractions between the real world and the otherworldly. (…)  She brings us along a labyrinth where each image is a piece of the puzzle.  She links landscapes to fading undefined worlds (these stationary voyages are undeniably timeless) and to bodies often seen from behind in a situation of precarious balance.  (…) Claire Laude pleats, folds, inverts and unfolds the very meaning of presence.“

From the text of Michel Le Belhomme, Der Greif, 2013




Claire Laude (1975, France/ Germany)

Architect & Artist

From 2010 to 2017 co-founder and member of the photographers’s collective and the exhibition’s space exp12/exposure twelve 



2016 Workshop Roger Ballen, The Eyes, Berlin

2015 & 2016 Workshop Eva Leitlof, exp12/exposure twelve, Berlin

2015 Masterclass Aaron Schumann, ISSP, Kuldiga

2013 Curating/ Kuratieren, UDK Berlin – Workshop Esther Teichmann, ISSP 2013, Kuldiga, Latvia

2008- 2009 and 2011 Photography, Masterclass Arno Fischer, Ostkreuzschule, Berlin

2001 & 2006 Photography, Jörn Vanhöfen, Fotografie am Schiffbauerdamm, Berlin

1998-2004 Architecture, TU-Berlin, Berlin – Dipl. Ing. Architektur



2019 SÅM Artist Residency, Lessinia

2018 1st Prize Urbanautica Photo Award 2018, Category Architecture, Space and Conflicts

2018 Project’s Scholarship, Projektstipendium »Mach den Kiosk«, Kunst und Projektraum hr Fleischer e.V., Kiosk am Reileck, Halle

2017 Residency Kaunas photography Gallery, Lithuania

2016 Residency Exchange NCCA, Kaliningrad, and Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop, Germany

2015 Selection Portfolios Reviews Encontros de Imagen, Braga

2014 Finalist Prix Virginia 2014

2013 Finalist Open Call Vacatio, Festival Fotografia, Rom

2013 Selection Portfolio Reviews : Descubrimientos PHE13, Madrid & PhotoIreland, Dublin

2009 Award Mission Jeunes Artistes Award, Toulouse



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