„In ihren Arbeiten spielt Claire Laude mit Zeichnung, Raum, Architektur und Natur in behutsam arrangierten Bildern. Die Komplexität all dieser Elemente wird auf poetische Weise entfaltet und zugleich wieder verknüpft und in stille, fotografische Erzählungen transformiert. Ritzzeichnungen in Holz und Ton oder verwitterte, zu fragilen Architekturen zusammengefügte Fensterrahmen bilden Arrangements verlassener Orte des Ehemaligen, „Restlandschaften“ (Per Kirkeby) der Natur, die belebt und abgestorben zugleich erscheinen“

Thomas Elsen, Kurator und künstlerischer Leiter H2, Zentrum für Gegenwartkunst im Glaspalast, Augsburg, Painting Photography



Claire Laude is a French architect and artist, who has lived in Berlin since 1997 and works with site-specific installations, photography, drawing, video and texts. 


Her work deals with the notion of trace and the construction of the memory of a place.  The idea of the perception of a shared memory, the associated phenomenon of “derealization”, and the ambiguity between the imaginary image of a place and lived experience are central points of focus in her research. She choose sites, built or in our natural environnement, that are in danger of disappearing, being forgotten or transformed and questions their reconstruction, destruction and appropriation. She is looking for the image of the perception of a place, situated somewhere between reality, memory and fiction.


She is 2023 one of the Laureate at the Villa Salaambô, Institut français, in Tunis. On November 1st 2021 her book “A Silentio” was published by Editions Essarter, a monograph with photographs and text that examines traces of history in a context of a rural landscape in three areas in Greece and Italy. With her project “Ephemeral Intersects” she won the first prize of the Urbanautica Institute Award in 2019 in the category “Space, Architecture & Conflicts”. Text and images were published in 2019 by Editions Essarter in the trilogy of books The Red Utopias, which brings together different authors and photographers on the subject of political utopias in Europe in a post-Soviet era.


From 2010 to 2017 she was the co-founder and member of the photographers’s collective and the exhibition space exp12/exposure twelve. She’s now member of Pilote Contemporary Berlin.



Claire Laude:  Both as an architect and as an artist I have one common topic: the memory of a place. As an architect, I mainly work in rehabilitation and intervention in old buildings. For the architectural project, I search a minimalist intervention, keeping in mind what already exists. As an artist, I focus on places that are in the menace of disappearance or in a phase of transition. Everything that concerns operations of destruction, reconstruction and rehabilitation. I search for traces on the ground, found materials. In both cases my preoccupations are similar. I wonder about the process of memory. Like sedimentation, each “history”, small or big, leaves a trace; and such as layers they come to superimpose one over the other and interact with or destroy each other. This is also a crossover of the reparation concept by Kader Attia, that I would summarize here as a process of cicatrization, a need to “make do” with what subsides a trauma.

I am more particularly interested in the feeling of belonging to a place, everything that can connect us to a place, the collective and individual images, the accompanying dreams, like a double-take or a spectrum of a place, constructed by memories, that subsist the reality.  I am interested in all deviations that come with this ambivalence, the phenomena of appropriation and derealisation…: How does the human being appropriate a space? How can someone appropriate a place and talk about it as if they knew it whilst never having lived in it? What is the collective feeling that pushes towards destruction or conservation of a building? How to live in a reconstructed place, an artifact? How come a place can stay present even though it does not physically exist anymore? The image that lasts is situated between a personal remembrance, a collective image and a registration of what is left. 

To pick up on Louise Bourgeois (interview on France culture 04/10/2016 ) “Votre souvenir est plus intéressant que la réalité”


Interview with Steve Besson, Urbanautica Awards, 1 Price Category „Space, Architecture and Conflicts“, 2019





2013 Curating/ Kuratieren, UDK Berlin

2001 & 2006 Photography, Jörn Vanhöfen, Fotografie am Schiffbauerdamm, Berlin

From 2013 to 2016 Workshops with Roger Ballen and Eva Leitlof, Esther Teichmann

From 2009 to 2011 and 2015 Masterclasses with Aaron Schumann & Arno Fischer

1998-2004 Architecture, TU-Berlin, Berlin – Dipl. Ing. Architektur



2025 Stipendium für Künstler:innengruppen, Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop

2023 Villa Salaambô, Institut français, Tunis

2023 Förderung Kulturelle Bildung Fördersäule 3, Bezirkamt Neukölln

2022 Berlin studio sponsorship (Berliner Atelierfoerderung), bkk Berlin and Berlin Senate, Berlin

2021 Finalist & Special Mention, Allegro Prize 2021, Contemporary Lynx

2020 Scholarship Sonderstipendium Kulturprojekte, Berliner Senat, Berlin

2020 Residency ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ // Kinono 4 | “Four (plus one) Elements)”, Tinos

2019 Finalist, Open Air Installation, PhotoRoad Gibellina

2019 SÅM Artist Residency, Lessinia

2019 1st Prize Urbanautica Award 2019, Category „Architecture, Space and Conflicts“

2018 Project’s Scholarship, Projektstipendium Mach den Kiosk, Kunst und Projektraum hr Fleischer e.V., Kiosk am Reileck, Halle

2017 Residency Kaunas Photography Gallery, Lithuania

2016 Residency Exchange NCCA, Kaliningrad, and Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop, Germany

2015 Selection Portfolios Reviews Encontros de Imagen, Braga

2014 Finalist Prix Virginia 2014

2013 Finalist Open Call Vacatio, Festival Fotografia, Rom

2013 Selection Portfolio Reviews : Descubrimientos PHE13, Madrid & PhotoIreland, Dublin

2009 Award Mission Jeunes Artistes Award, Toulouse



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2010 Berliner Jahrhundertläden, Lehmstedt Verlag, Texts : Sabine Zimmer. 160 pictures, 144 pages, hard-cover. ISBN 978-3-937146-97, Sold out



2024 (Vorschau) Loop Raum, B-Part, Berlin

2024 (Vorschau) Elle(s), Atelier Neumann, Berlin

2024 (Vorschau) Loud, SubTei, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Subtei, Berlin

2024 The Pool, Culterim Gallery, Berlin

2024 Nie war sie so wertvoll wie heute / Neuzugänge der artothek Berlin, Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin

2023 PaintingPhotography, H2 Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, Augsburg

2023 Circles, Salon im Moritzplatz, EMOP Berlin

2023 Conference, „La mémoire du lieu : Perception(s) et réalités (dé)-construites“, ENAU, Tunis, 2023

2023 Conference  „About Forest fires and their ecological impacts“,  Opening ID’BA season in connection with the theme of the „Nuit des Idées/ Night of Ideas „ „More?“, with Claire Laude, Chiraz Belhadj Khedher, Ahlem Ghayaza, Institut français, Tunis

2022 Manifesto, Galerie L’Imagerie, Toulouse

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2021 Utopia, a Nowhere Land, Malmö FotoBiennal, online exhibition 

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