BISCUIT, p145, Berlin



Exhibition from 19.02.–01.03.2021

p145, Invalidenstrasse 145, 10157 Berlin


An exhibition without public access, an art work without audience: pilote contemporary’s first group exhibition this year will take place behind literally closed doors.

From 19.02 – 01.03.2021, the ten artists will assemble their works under the title Biscuit in the project space p145 in Berlin Mitte, with the large-scale window façade deliberately kept covered to keep the exhibition out of sight of the walking public. pilote contemporary aims to take advantage of the current situation of the pandemic while using the radical concept of Biscuit to reflect on fundamental questions:

When is art actually art?

Does an art work need the public context to be declared and recognized as art?

What happens to an exhibition when no one sees it and what does it do to the artists?

Does the confrontation of closed gallery spaces with the public turn the exhibition into a performance itself?

For pilote contemporary, Biscuit is a result of the Corona situation and a chance to reflect on the above questions while dealing with them intensively in an artistic way. For all participants – artists and audience – Biscuit is an experiment that is understood as a research process and whose outcome is open.

Biscuit assembles pieces by: Attilio Tono, Betty Böhm, Carla Mercedes Hihn, Catherine Evans, Claire Laude, Dana Engfer, Kathrin Ganser, Sarah Straßmann, Selket Chlupka and Stefan Klein. Contextually appropriate, the overarching theme of the exhibited works is that of visibility or invisibility.




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