pilote : Unter Linden, SUB TEI, Berlin


Exhibition from 04.until 11.09.2020

Opening, Friday, 04.09.2020

SUB TEI, Stuttgarter Strasse 56, 12059 Berlin

Berlin’s fall art program is coming up and the ten artists of pilote contemporary are looking forward to presenting their first group show since the addition of four new members at SUB TEI in Neukölln.

Works will be presented by: Attilio Tono, Betty Böhm, Kathrin Ganser, Sarah Straßmann and Selket Chlupka – all of whom have been part of pilote’s artist roster since its founding in 2016, as well as Carla Mercedes Hihn, who has been part of pilote since 2018, and Catherine Evans, Claire Laude, Dana Engfer and Stefan Klein, who have been part of pilote contemporary since April 2020.

„The new members complete the team and make it tangible as a diverse artistic union. That is why we are even more pleased to be able to give pilote contemporary the opportunity to exhibit as a newly formed group in our spaces for the first time and despite corona conditions,“ says Constanze Schweda of SUB TEI.

About pilote contemporary : Pilote brings together the work of ten Berlin-based artists. Presenting independent artistic positions that share a strong critical and conceptual engagement, the works are presented to the public through an exhibition program that also invites guest artists and curators to work directly with the artists in the development of thematically based exhibitions. Pilote’s public program occupies spaces temporarily in a conscious effort to shift the fixed gallery model. 

About SUB TEI Sub Tei translated from Romanian means „under lime trees“. Founded in 2018 and directed by the artist couple Constanze Schweda and Henry Rusted, SUB TEI pursues a different form of exhibition making. SUB TEI is not a commercial gallery, but a self-managed project space for exhibitions, events and short artist residencies. 


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