Urbanautica Photo Annual Awards, 2018

I’m happy and proud to be the Winner of the Urbanautica Photo Annual Awards 2018, Category Architecture, Space and Conflicts!



Winner Claire Laude

Shortlisted Arthur CrestaniAlex CurrieAndrew Waits

Special mention Marinos Tsagkarakis

“ About We are proud to announce the first ever Urbanautica Institute annual awards dedicated to the photographic project!
We are looking to reward photographers who have distinguished themselves with:

  • the high quality of their research,
  • the ability to convey meaningful messages with their work,
  • the strength to go deeper on those issues most important to society,
  • and who open the language and the narrative form to other perspectives.

We are looking for project-oriented work not, single „wow“ images.
We have chosen specific categories and topics. We are aware that there are different and alternative approaches today to the photographic medium and the production of images, and we welcome a variety of photographic modalities (linguistic, structural, formal and expressive) through which these issues are addressed. We care about the depth of intuitive thinking as much as the strength and coherence of the proposal.

Jury We are the Jury! In the past ten years, Urbanautica Institute has contributed to the medium of photography by presenting the work of international photographers and educators with great care and attention, while also raising awareness of photography’s role in the world. Our Journal archive counts several hundred interviews, scores of reviews, and almost uncountable photographs and projects. Our credibility is based on research and studies that require years of effort, professionalism, competence, patience,  and passion, and is proven through our collaborations with galleries and museums worldwide in the resulting exhibitions and catalogues.
We feel that now is the time to give life to a serious international photographic competition that will not only reward authors, but will help continue to fulfill our mission, stimulating a critical reading of images, and fostering a better knowledge of the world and of photographic grammar.“

(Text from Urbanautica)




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