Verzasca Foto Festival, 2018

Verzasca Foto Festival 2018


28/07/2018 – 28/10/2018

The Inner Forest

The Inner Forest is the theme of the 5th Verzasca Foto Festival. The projects showcased in the outdoor exhibitions are in dialogue with the surrounding territory and reflect one of the festival’s core visions: nature perceived as a source of creative stimulus. Walking and roaming through the forest, immersed in a primordial and free universe, we can draw inspiration along the way.

The forest explorers are twenty local and international artists. Through a variety of sensitivities and expressions, they provide a cross section of contemporary photographic research, ranging from new documentarism to lyrical, ironical, or conceptual narrative. Their works represent both images of the exterior and the interior nature, crystallizations of different awarenesses grown in diverse contexts, that convey a cosmopolitan breath.

The authors of the works selected for the outdoor shows conceive the forest—in its multiple dimensions: physical, metaphysical, and experiential—as a territory to explore. Objective and subjective dimensions speak about what surrounds us, but also about what we feel, opening the way to introspection and artistic reflection.

Activities like nocturnal projections in thegrottos and piazzas of the Verzasca Valley, workshops, round tables, concerts, walks, and exhibition openings in the woods round up the program, offering informal networking opporturnities with the local population and artists from all over the globe.

The Verzasca Foto Festival is set in a genuinely natural environment, a place of peace in the mountains that stimulates the interaction between people who are curious to move, seek, discover.



With : Andrea Eichenberger (Br-Ch)- Brigitte Lustenberger (Ch)- Camila Rodrigo (Pe)- Cecilia Vidal (Uy)- Claire Laude (De/Fr)- David Wagnières (Ch)- Derek Man (Uk)- Eva Lauterlein (Ch)- Emilio Nasser (Ar)- Farzin Foroutan (Ir)- Ilana Bar (Br)- Jagoda Wisniewska (Pl-Ch)- Javier Medina Verdolini (Py)- Kasia Jackowska (Pl-Ch)- Mai Al Shazly (Eg)- Massimiliano Rossetto (Ch)- Nathalie Bissig (Ch)- Roshan Adhihetty (Ch)- Soos Chronicles (It)- Teo Becher (Fr)- Tomas Wüthrich (Ch)- Zuzana Pustaiová (Sk)




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