Air (Les racines sous les murs), 2023

Found remains of branches of a Ficus, from the Medina of Tunis, copper wire, nails, variable dimensions, in Villa Heike, 430*3*3 cm – Exhibition’s view, „Wie die Linien einer Hand, geschrieben in die Straßenränder“, Villa Heike, Berlin, 2023 _ Pilote Contemporary


Two of Ficus Macrophylla are living in a square in Tunis for two hundred years. The tree branches come down to the ground and develop into roots.

The installation consists of a line of some rests of branches and extends to the height of the room. This line _also called a path, or a rip through the audience_ questions the notion of collapse and the process of living; and reflects the longing to understand another life system.


Residency Villa Salaambô, January 2023, IFT Tunis


Cette installation est dédiée à Sebastian Mordmüller._ Nous ne t’oublierons jamais_


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