The Impossible Room, 2019


Installation, old windows & wood, 500*140*220 cm
The different functions of the space „GEH8“, as an exhibition space and a former Deutsche Bahn train workshop are the basis of the creation of the „The Impossible Room“’s installation.
The windows in the installation belonged previously to the building and were removed during a rehabilitation in early 2019. Each old window has been placed in a frame and then suspended from the repair deck. 
The shape of the installation and its suspension refer to a train wagon and the industrial interior function of the space.
Depending on the position, the burst volume of the installation appears closed or open, this fragmentation refers to disappearance but also to the operation of memory, whose image moves between vague remembrance, precise facts and reconstitution.
The frame symbolizes the painting, and by this ambivalence questions the status of the window, between a useless daily object and a piece of art.
By decontextualization, de-construction and reconstruction of materials that belonged to the building, the installation deals with the notion of traces and the precariousness of a balance between eternal and fading traces, and the relation between the things that last and those which get lost.
The title „The Impossible Room“ refers to the current phenomenon of gentrification and relocation of artistic spaces, other than museums, institutions, or shopping malls, that are occupying alternative places, and their initiatives to counteract real estate pressure.





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