AXES & A Silentio, Fonderia 20.9, Verona, 2022


AXES | 05.02.2022 – 05.03.2022
Opening Saturday 5th February, 7.30 pm
Fonderia 20.9 Via XX Settembre 67/A, Verona (IT)


SÅM opens the 2022 edition with AXES. The exhibition is the result of the 2019 artistic residency curated by Rafal Milach and Ania Nalecka-Milach. The work of the four artists involved – Anto Milotta, Claire Laude, Krzysztof Światly, Martina Zanin – has been selected and structured in a constellation of axis in order to operate on both a physical and a metaphorical level. The resulting gallery of images serves as a starting point for the exploration of the town’s structure, its neighbouring villages and natural sites. It, in fact, created an alternative map to the Lessinia region. This project is thus an invitation to new discoveries – either that of new artworks located outside the actual gallery space or that of the territory which functioned as the basis for the artists’ projects.


Book Presentation, A SILENTIO, Saturday 5th February, 6.30 pm


“A SILENTIO” by Claire Laude is a book published by ESSARTER Éditions. It collects the artistic research of Claire Laude in Lessinia. In her writing and photography, the artist’s book interrogates with examples from two Mediterranean countries, Italy and Greece, our relationship with the land and the notion of permanence in the landscape.
“A SILENTIO” will be presented the 5th of February at 6pm at Fonderia 20.9, the artist will be present for the book signing.




SÅM – Esplorazione visiva della Lessinia is a project curated by Ana Blagojevic, Chiara Bandino and Francesco Biasi in collaboration with Film Festival della Lessinia e Fonderia 20.9




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