Breeze & Strom, 48 Neukölln, 2021



Part of Festival 48h Neukölln


„Breeze & Storm“, exhibition’s view, Subtei, 2021- with Betty Böhm and Sarah Straßmann


This year’s topic „Air- Luft“ for the 48 Stunden Neukölln art festival in Berlin inspires our artists to air their concepts, performances and drawings.

The festival as a whole will be a hydrid event: part online, part offline. After going full-on digital for the last festival, Sub Tei will be presenting works only in the gallery space this year. We look forward to meeting guests and artists again in the flesh! Because of restrictions, we won’t be hosting an opening event or any live events during the weekend but we welcome all real-life visitors and will be making sure that everyone will be safe and comfortable. With : Betty Böhm, Catherine Evans, Kathrin Ganser, Claire Laude, Henry Rusted, Christian Schiebe, Jochen Schneider, Constanze Schweda, Sarah Strassmann, Anna Roberta Vattes, Luise von Rohden


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