SÅM – Esplorazione Visiva della Lessinia, Exhibition, Artist Residency 2019


Artist Residency 2019

Exhibition curated by Rafał Milach & Ania Nałęcka-Milach

Collaboration with Film Festival della Lessinia & Fonderia 20.9

With Claire Laude, Anto Milotta, Krzysztof Światły & Martina Lucy Zanin

Exhibition in Bosco Chiesanuova, from 26/08 until 01/09/2019

“ Axis / SAM 2019

We perceive SAM residency as a growing archive of personal / intimate artistic gestures that correspond with wider environment. Multiple layers are involved in this process from geography, history to geology from social, economic to political contexts. It’s a platform where personal traumas are examined along the voices commenting global trends. This dialogue between outsider’s perspectives and local habitat creates an intriguing shift of local contexts and potentially makes them the agents of wider agendas. With the second SAM residency we are more than a half way through the puzzle of stories that help to rethink Lessinia.
The work of 4 artists has been structured in a constellation of axis operating on both physical and metaphorical level. The gallery serves as a starting point in exploration of town’s structure, neighboring villages and natural sites. The works have created an alternative map of the region. It’s an invitation to make physical trip to either discover more works located outside of the gallery space or go back and rediscover the places with the backdrop the artists have proposed.“

Text from Rafał Milach & Ania Nałęcka-Milach


Axis, Exhibition’s views, Pictures (c) Rafał Milach 





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