GUP Magazine, Portfolios Online, 2016

„In this series, architect and photographer Claire Laude (1975, Orleans) combines isolated aspects of landscapes with people into installations of decaying spaces. Through these constructed images, she creates an awkwardly artificial environment in which traces of life feel lonely and lost. Laude explains that she seeks to question the relationship between things which last, and those which are eventually lost.

The name of the series originates from a poem by Raymond Carver, ‘Where water comes together with other water’, though the artist has deliberately altered the first word to ‘when’ in order to accentuate the concept of time and timelessness. The feeling of vulnerability in the series is strengthened by its softened colour palette and Laude’s minimalistic compositions, in which body and nature come together. Laude says that she sees photography as “a possible threshold between various realities, the existence, the dream and poetry.“




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