Utopia- A Nowhere Land, Malmö Fotobiennal, 2021


Online Exhibition, with Interviews

With : Ein Berge, Federico Estol, Maja Ingerslev, Michael Johansson, Kirsten Otzen Keck, Christel Lundberg, Claire Laude, Arseniy Neskhodimov, Natalia Poniatowska, Polina Polikarpova, Stefanie Roland, John Webb

Curated by : Michel Thomas, Fredrik Weerasinghe, Susanna Hesselberg, Jeanette Schou

The theme “Utopia” can be seen as an introspection of our own inner images. Already in 1516, Thomas More wrote the book “Utopia” about a fictional society, but we can also recount the utopian idea in the film and fairytale world, as in “The Wizard of Oz” that makes us feel a golden way forward.Free church brochures offer us colorful pictures of the promised paradise. The Green Wave strives for a utopian world order, but a more dystopic image of the future is also soaring. The 10 selected artists are all showing us different approach to the theme main theme: UTOPIA  Since the world in on lock down we asked the selected artist to film themselves at home or in their workplace. Here are some of the questions we ask the participants:

Do you see yourself as a photographer / artist?
Have your images altered by the world crisis the latest years? By the Climate crisis / the worldwide Pandemic?
What does Utopia mean for you ? Utopia as a social or political vision, a personal belief ?
Does Utopia exist ? Is it a possible dream ?






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